Jan 152011


Quiet Moments - Deception Falls State Park, Washington

To All Who Wander


I believe a masterpiece lives in each of us, patiently waiting to be discovered and nurtured.  Every thought, each idea and action we have and take is the potential beginning of this creation, waiting with faith that it will be recognized, accepted, and cultivated into a work of art that is uniquely our own. 

How do those words play in your own mind?  Is it your first response to reject and deny that you have anything special to bring and offer to the world?  Do you feel that by embracing these words you will be ridiculed or viewed as self-absorbed and arrogant?  It’s interesting to me how uniquely gifted each of us are, yet how willfully blind we are to our own potential.  

We all create and give in our own particular way.  Some teach, some love and nurture, some protect, some build, some see and share the world they experience through thoughts, images and actions.  We each bring something that is distinctly our own to this world in all of its various stages of chaos, confusion and illumination, yet so many fail to recognize the unique and intrinsic contribution we each offer in this journey we call life.  To me, that’s the beauty of the masterpiece living inside all of us, and the potential for all of us to discover and grow by as we travel on our way. 

My personal masterpiece is a work in progress.  I catch a glimpse of its potential on occasion, but I know I have a ways to go yet with this journey I’m on before it will truly be fully realized.  For now I’m content to know that the potential and the possibility exists, mine for the taking if I invest enough work and enough faith to chase and fulfill the dream. 

This is my resolution as I journey on into 2011, to continue working to discover and nurture my own intrinsic gifts to bring them to their full potential.  To be patient with the dream, yet disciplined enough with the work to keep moving forward in building my own unique masterpiece as I continue on my way.  Care to join me on the journey?